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Behind the Design: Point Sur Denim

Premium jeans made in LA, the capital of denim. Our head denim designer, Mary, walks us through.

It’s well known among denimheads that the heartbeat of premium U.S. denim is in the center of downtown LA. Since 2000, the area has been home to the best seamsters, washhouses and fabric importers in the world. For Point Sur Denim, the design process starts here too, in LA’s garment district.

Point Sur design inspiration comes from all over—mornings spent scouring for vintage finds at the Rose Bowl Flea Market, sunsets in Malibu, hikes in Big Sur State Park (which also happened to inspire the line’s name).

Mary reviews new washes developed by the design team.

 “Inspiration came from the vintage jeans you look for endlessly but can’t find.”

Bolts of Japanese selvedge and Cone Denim® fabric from North Carolina are imported and stored in the downtown LA factory before they’re cut to make Point Sur jeans.

Denim is washed in industrial-size machines, in some cases with pumice stones for a stonewashed look or golf balls for a softer feel.

Each pair of Point Sur jeans is distressed by hand—often using a vintage pair as a reference. The buttons, labels and cuffs are also sewn on by hand before the jeans are sent out.

“The X on the back of the jeans is a unique Point Sur design detail known as a double belt.”
Photographs by Bryan Derballa.

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