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In the Field: Martin Greenfield for J.Crew Ludlow 

For our latest Ludlow suit collaboration, we turned to master tailor Martin Greenfield, who started out in 1947 (as a floor boy) at the Brooklyn factory that now bears his name. His dedication to the craft of tailoring has attracted presidents and entertainers—and now us, for a special-edition suit tailored in Brooklyn using wool from a Connecticut mill. 

In the early 20th century, there were more than 100 garment factories in the neighborhood surrounding Martin Greenfield’s East Williamsburg factory. Today, it’s one of the few that remain. “We’ve been able to stay in business because when I bought the factory in 1977, we started making suits for other [clothing] companies as well as private clients,” explains Martin. “Now we’re one of the only places you can get a suit that’s made entirely by hand in America.”

“Now we’re one of the only places you can get a suit that’s made entirely by hand in America,” explains Martin.


While the walls of the factory reception room are crowded with nearly a half-century’s worth of photos capturing dignitaries, politicians, musicians and actors in Martin Greenfield suits, he is quick to point out that a brand-new generation has also discovered the benefits of his meticulous approach to tailoring. “Today, people are interested in a shorter, slimmer jacket and a suit that fits closer to the body, so it makes sense that they would come to us,” he explains. “It’s a look that lends itself to a handmade suit.” 

“It makes sense that they would come to us. It’s a look that lends itself to a handmade suit.” 
A hand-tailored Ludlow suit, from a bolt of fabric to a fully formed jacket, at the Martin Greenfield factory in Brooklyn.


We partnered with Martin Greenfield’s expert patternmaker to develop a suit, based on the signature trim cut of our Ludlow, that uses a refined wool fabric from the American Woolen Company in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, and features all the bespoke details that come with a handmade Martin Greenfield suit. “Close to 100 people handle each of our suits,” points out Martin. “Some steps of the production process take up to six people each. No one really makes suits like this anymore.” 

Shop the suit, exclusively at the Ludlow Shop (50 Hudson Street) and the Men’s Shop (1040 Madison Avenue) in New York City. Or email 
verypersonalstylist@jcrew.com for more information. 

Dave Andrew, one of our Very Personal Stylists, fits our Martin Greenfield for J.Crew Ludlow suit at our New York City Ludlow Shop. Shop all suits here.    

The American Woolen Company—established in 1899 in Stafford Springs, Connecticut—weaves refined wools like those you’d expect from Italy, which is no surprise since it once supplied one of that country’s most respected fabric houses. 

Photographs by Shawn Brackbill.
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