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Sunday with… Frank, in his kitchen

After hearing rumors about our head men’s designer Frank’s Dutch apple pie, we spent several months trying to get an invite to his upstate home in Hillsdale, New York, to try a slice. Just in time for the holidays, we finally succeeded.

“I use my mom’s recipe. Dutch apple pie has a more robust crust, which makes for a more rustic pie. It’s crumbly, not flaky, and there’s an open top finished with latticework.”
“I love the process of making your own pie crust. I think that’s the secret: You have to make your own crust. Not in the mixer but with your hands.”

“I usually take a pie with me to dinner parties, and we’ll have it for dessert—sometimes I’ll bring two. It’s a double-edged sword though because now it’s expected. The second I walk in the door it’s like, ‘Where’s the pie?’”
A plate from Frank’s collection of vintage Delft dishes that commemorates the 1957 Sputnik satellite launch.

Photographs by Bryan Derballa.

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