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Meet…Justin Chung

The New York-based photographer’s menswear snaps have generated tons of notes on Tumblr and nabbed him assignments around the world (including a few for us). In his first book, Faculty Department, he turns the lens on his creative mentors, including our very own head of men’s design, Frank Muytjens.

“The idea for Faculty Department started out a few years ago when I was on a month-long assignment in Paris, profiling various people making their mark in creative fields. As I started working on this book, I wanted to focus on showcasing individuals I’d gotten to know and whom I have looked to as teachers.”

“I was so moved by the experience of spending time with each subject and getting to know the passions that drove their lives.”
Furniture designer Jens Risom in his New Canaan, Connecticut, home.

Lauren Synder at her Brooklyn shop, The Primary Essentials.

Illustrator Richard Haines working out of his home studio in New York City.

“I first met Frank in 2010 in San Francisco. I’m not sure he knows this, but he was a huge inspiration in my decision to move to New York to pursue photography. When he agreed to be in the book, I was a little intimidated at first, but Frank is very approachable and we quickly found common ground in our love of our dogs and books.”
Frank Muytjens and his dog, Dutch, at home in Brooklyn.

Shop Faculty Department here.
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