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Behind the Design: Garment-dyed Tees

To recreate the lived-in look of their favorite vintage tees, our designers partnered with a factory in downtown Los Angeles to produce a new style of perfectly imperfect garment-dyed shirts for our men’s, women’s and crewcuts collections. Our men’s designer, Frank Muytjens, explains.

Frank reviews a garment-dyed tee. Each piece is dyed and washed only after it is complete (hence the name “garment-dyed”), resulting in unique color saturations because of the way the dye pools at the seams.

“We wanted to replicate that faded old T-shirt you just can’t let go of, so we started with a textured cotton fabric, gave it vintage details like a slightly twisted, thinner neck trim and then garment-dyed it to create highs and lows of color and a lived-in, somewhat imperfect feel.”

Our design team looks over the variation of T-shirt washes.

“It made sense to produce the shirts in LA because California is where you go if you want to find these really interesting washes that capture a laid-back lifestyle...”
The T-shirts being cut, sewn and dyed in Los Angeles.

“The softer shades of the shirts are a great way to introduce some subtle, easy color into your T-shirt palette. The nature of the garment-dyeing process also means the color of each shirt is going to be slightly different, which just adds to their charm.”

Photographs by Bryan Derballa and Ken Tisuthiwongse.

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