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Meet…Gildas Loaëc of Maison Kitsuné

Part record label, part clothing line and now, part café too, the Parisian brand (a combination of the French word for “home” and the Japanese word for “fox”) has made a name for itself by riffing on American menswear classics from a decidedly French perspective. We got one half of the duo behind the brand, Gildas Loaëc, on the phone just in time to discuss the story behind our new Maison Kitsuné collection.

Maison Kitsuné cofounders and creative directors, Masaya Kuroki and Gildas Loaëc. (Photo by Sara Nataf)

“I met Masaya in my record store, he was a customer. We were always looking at what was going on in Japan, and we decided there that we should be doing a lifestyle brand. Both the Maison Kitsuné clothing line and the music label were started together—we always knew we wanted to do clothes.”
“In Paris, when we began, it was pretty much just big brands. It was too ‘designer.’ That was the starting point of us making things that we’d want to wear: good-quality clothing with style.”
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“Paris is a great source of inspiration for us. We also try to bring in a street element from Tokyo or a music element from London, and we love Americana. We make our own story out of the inspiration we see around us.”
Featuring (clockwise from top left) the Maison Kitsuné blouson jacket, cotton Serge western jacket, merino wool cardigan, jungle classic and classic oxford-cloth shirts. Shop men's.

“We are very young—we’ve only been a brand for a bit more than 10 years. It’s too early to get stuck with certain colors or logos, every store looking the same. We’re trying to do something different, entertain ourselves and take risks.”
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