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It’s Here: crewcuts X Mayhem

Introducing our collaboration with Mayhem, the four-year-old wunderkind whose paper reconstructions of red-carpet dresses have taken the fashion world (and Instagram) by storm. A few months ago, Mayhem (and her mom, Angie, of course) visited us at J.Crew HQ to help design a mini-collection for crewcuts using her arts-and-crafts know-how and very precocious aesthetic. Here, Mayhem comes back to the Big Apple to check out the finished pieces for the first time and conducts a very giggly dress-up session with a couple of friends.

Mayhem wears the Little Mayhem for J.Crew party dressShop the collection here.

“I like to draw people. And their outfits.”
Mayhem shows off some new design ideas to her mom, Angie.

“My favorite color is, let’s see…gold. No, wait!
Gold and coral.”
Mayhem got a hold of our instant camera for the day.

“The romper is my favorite. I love it!”

“I’m going to wear these everywhere!”
Photographs by Taea Thale. Behind-the-scenes photographs by Bryan Derballa. 

Shop the Little Mayhem for J.Crew collection here.

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TAGS: behind the scenes, crewcuts