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 Test-drive: Harwick Bags 

 We designed the bags in our new Harwick collection to be the perfect travel companions, with handy features like water-resistant nylon exteriors and built-in laptop sleeves. To demonstrate how well they perform, we asked three guys—who get around by train, bike and truck—to take them for a ride. 

“It hits just the right balance between techy fabric and rugged details. Plus, it definitely adds a cool, modern edge to your suit.
Ian Bradley, stylist
 The Harwick laptop bag. Shop all bags

“The leather on nylon gives the bag a refined quality, which is important to consider as an adult wearing a backpack. Plus, the interior laptop sleeve is great.”
Blair Van Nort, graphic designer 
Blair with a Classic Sport tokyobike in moss green.

 The Harwick backpack. Shop all bags

“The problem with a lot of bags is that they only have one large compartment, so I really appreciate the three exterior pockets. They make it easy to stash small items like a phone charger and a toothbrush.”
Taylor Collins, bartender 

 The Harwick duffel bag. Shop all bags

 Photographs by Clément Pascal. 

 Shop our Harwick bags here. Shop our men’s collection here
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