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Behind the Design: Our New Men’s Denim Washes

Rich Hermosura and Ben Ross (aka our denim design team) explain how they hand developed a brand-new range of washes with the denim experts at Wonderland Concepts in Henderson, Kentucky. 

“From the beginning, we knew we wanted our washes to feel as authentic as possible and to reflect wear patterns based on how the body moves. That meant using jeans we actually wore or vintage styles we picked up over the years as a starting point.”

“The right denim was also key to getting the variety of washes we wanted. The fabric we chose from the Kaihara mill in Japan was perfect because it’s this really sturdy 13.5-ounce weight and can produce an incredible range of wear patterns due to its natural character.”

Read more about the Kaihara denim mill here

“Wonderland Concepts is a one-of-a-kind resource. It was the first washhouse to develop most of the processes used in modern jeans, like the dramatic light-to-dark wear patterns that mimic how denim fades as you wear it.” 
Our range of new washes. 

As an item of clothing, jeans are unique because all the wear that goes into them is visible. To recreate that meant spending up to eight hours on a single wash with the entire Wonderland team.”
Wonderland hand applies pigments to a pair of jeans to recreate the subtle variety of colors found in well-worn denim. 

Dremels and sanders are used to add wear and abrasions. 

Location photographs by Bryan Derballa. 

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