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Test-drive: J.Crew Men’s Denim

Whether leading ocean expeditions with the Sailing Collective, restoring vintage trucks with friends upstate or tending bar at Walter Foods in Brooklyn (where our men’s designer Frank is a regular), Taylor Collins is the type of guy whose daily uniform is denim. That's why we asked him to spend some time in our brand-new jeans and report back. 

Taylor, photographed at Walter Foods, wears our 770 jean in riverton wash, Chippewa® for J.Crew leather plain-toe boots and his own J.Crew denim shirt. Shop all denim, shoes and shirts

“These jeans are great because they’ve got a substantial weight and a dark wash that’s going to gradually fade as I wear them. Working on a friend’s farm or behind the bar in the city can get pretty dirty, so I appreciate jeans that are going to hold up through all the abuse I put them through.” 

“I also liked how quickly they adjusted to my body. It was great to find something that fit so well and felt comfortable the first day wearing them.” 

“For most guys, I know the appeal of a nice pair of denim is that you’ll always be prepared. You can wear them during the day and then go straight out to dinner in them too.” 

Special thanks to Walter Foods

Photographs by Clément Pascal. 

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