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Sunday with... Frank, Antiquing

Besides always being on the lookout for vintage finds that could inspire our next collection, our men’s designer Frank Muytjens likes to keep one keen eye open for antiques that complement his well-curated upstate home. Recently, he agreed to take us along to some of his favorite spots and share his vintage-shopping viewpoint.

 PW Vintage Lighting in Great Barrington, Massachusetts.

“I’ve always loved the patina and weathered look you get with antiques. They’re one-of-a-kind items that have a story behind them. When I first moved into my house upstate, I didn’t have anything, so pieces that I’ve had for a while have served a lot of different purposes over the years.”
Hillsdale General Store in Hillsdale, New York.

“Over time my taste level has also evolved. I started out looking for rustic Americana, but now I like things with a little more polish, like French country furniture, industrial pieces and midcentury
modern design.”
Campo de’ Fiori in Sheffield, Massachusetts.

“Always approach antiques with an open mind.
If you love something, buy it even if you don’t know what you’re going to do with it right away.
Too many times I’ve hesitated, trying to justify
a purchase, only to come back and find the
piece gone.”
Photographs by Bryan Derballa. 

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