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The Stripes Index

What do Napoleon and Twiggy have in common? Aside from single-name fame, a starring role in the history of stripes. Here’s a highlight reel of a few of our favorite moments in stripes…

Number of stripes on the Breton shirts worn by sailors in the French navy, signifying Napoleon’s 21 victories against the British.

Imagno/Getty Images

How many cents the April 1967 issue of “Vogue,” which featured Twiggy on the cover in red and white stripes, cost.

Bert Stern/Condé Nast Collection via Getty Images

Cut and reassembled squares of brushstroked ink on paper composing Ellsworth Kelly’s “Cité.

Ellsworth Kelly, “Cité,” 1951. Oil on wood, 20 joined panels. San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the Doris and Donald Fisher Collection at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and the Helen and Charles Schwab Collection. © Ellsworth Kelly/Photo courtesy of the Ellsworth Kelly Studio

The number of stripes in the crosswalk of Abbey Road that appeared on the cover of the album of the same name.

Brian Rasic/Getty Images

Stripes and mini skirts become the hallmarks of Mod style in Swinging London.

jenniholma/Getty Images

Number of zebras who share the same stripe pattern.

© 2016/Nagi Sakai

The year that striped items appeared in our first catalog— on T-shirts, naturally.

Source: J.Crew Archives, 1983

Avenue in NYC where the Guggenheim Museum, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, is located, with a cylindrical construction that gives the facade a striped effect.

David Heald © SRGF, NY

Colors our (adorable) striped tank swimsuit from 1992 came in.

Source: J.Crew Archives, 1992

Number of times gorgeous model/actress/entrepreneur/ stripe-lover Lauren Hutton has appeared in the pages of our Style Guide.

© 2010/Paul Wetherell

Striped styles in our summer collection.

© 2015/Bryan Derballa

Outfit ideas in our “New Rules of Stripes” story.

© 2016/Nagi Sakai

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