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The Sweetest Glitter Bag on the Planet

Our crewcuts designer Mica has been dreaming up crazy-awesome glitter bags—from pizza slices to tacos—since 2014, so naturally one of the ways she gets inspired is in the kitchen. Here, Mica teamed up with dessert savant Amirah Kassem of Flour Shop to bake a glitter-bag-inspired cake and share a bit about her creative process.

Introducing the glitter guru herself, Mica (left), with friend of J.Crew, Amirah, owner and pastry chef of Flour Shop. 

“Being hungry always helps me come up with the best food-themed glitter bag ideas! And my giant sweet tooth doesn’t hurt.”

“Baking with Amirah was so fun! There was a ton of sprinkle throwing, high fives and, of course, frosting tasting (yum).”


Our perfect slice is ready—and the rest is ready to eat!


It all started with a pineapple in 2014. Here are some of our Hall of Famers.

Pineapple bag: May 2014.

Olive bag (similar here): October 2015.

Pizza slice bag: November 2015. 

Doughnut bag: March 2016.

Crab bag: May 2016. 

Cake slice bag: September 2016.

Photographs by Winnie Au. 

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