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Behind the Design:
Imperial Stock Ranch Wool Sweaters

The search for the perfect yarn for our first all-American sweaters took our men’s designer Kim from a factory floor in Los Angeles, north 900 miles and almost 150 years back in time to the Imperial Stock Ranch in
north-central Oregon.

Sketches and samples of our American wool sweaters.


Founded on a 160-acre homestead claim by Richard Roland Hinton when he was just 19 years old, Imperial Stock Ranch is situated on Oregon’s desert-like Columbia Plateau, a landscape ideally suited for raising sheep. Today, many of the ranch’s original buildings are still in use, and the ranch continues to produce wool that reflects both a historical commitment to quality and a modern approach to sustainable production.

“We really fell in love with everything we saw from Imperial Stock Ranch. It has such an amazing story that everyone who works there is incredibly proud of and excited to share. Their wool yarns seemed like a great match for the knitting factory that would be making our sweaters in LA.”
Sheep on Imperial Stock Ranch range land.

“The yarn is much softer, but also more substantial than standard wool. It has a sturdiness to it that’s similar to what you’d see in homespun fibers, and it makes for a sweater that almost feels hand knit.”
Samples of Imperial Yarn

“A thick cable-knit sweater is just a staple that everyone should have. We knew these were going to be truly special pieces, so we wanted to make them with hefty three-gauge yarns in classic colors that would really last.”

Photographs courtesy of Imperial Stock Ranch. 

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