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The first installment of our new series starring all our crewcuts mascots!

Chapter 1: Olive’s Guests Arrive!

Olive furiously cleans her Williamsburg, Brooklyn, apartment as Max the Monster and Yeti arrive at her front door. THUMP, THUMP, THUMP.


“They’re here! They’re here! They’re FINALLY here! I’ve only been waiting 183 days for my best friends to come visit, but who’s counting? Let’s hit the pavement, guys!”

Chapter 2: Izzy on the Run

Olive, Max and Yeti jump on the subway heading toward Olive’s favorite art gallery in the city. As they “stand clear of the closing doors, please,” she spots Izzy across the platform, chasing a cute corgi onto the opposite train.


“Hey! Where’s Izzy going? Doesn’t she know we’re going to get HOT DOGS after the show?! Mmmm, I can almost taste the mustard.”


“Izzzzzzzzzy! She’s not even microchipped! And she can’t hear our secret whistle through the train doors. Guys, we’ve GOT to find her!”

Chapter 3: The Search Begins!

First stop: the Bowery Graffiti Wall (one of Izzy’s favorite spots in the city). NO sign of her. Olive encourages the gang to keep their hopes up. She’s 93 percent sure Izzy will be at the American Museum of Natural History.


“This graffiti wall has been on my bucket list for YEARS!”


“Izzy’s always talking about how she needs a new vintage argyle sweater, and she LOVES this place… Yeti, are you buying that dress, or can I?”


“Guys, I just need to chill out for a minute. All this stress is getting my chi really outta whack.”


“I got Izzy tickets to Dogs: The Musical for her birthday next month. Maybe she just couldn’t wait?”


“Yeti, you look for Izzy by the sarcophagi. Max, you check by the dinosaur fossils, but don’t touch, OK?! OK, Max??”



Chapter 4: Max Discovers Ketchup

Exhausted from searching all day with no luck, the group stops to grab a bite at a hot dog cart, not realizing this interaction would, in fact, change Max’s life forever…


“How have I missed out on this all these years?! This stuff is AWESOME!”


“Max, I’m excited for you and your new love of ketchup, but I’m worried about Izzy. Let’s go back home to Williamsburg, take a quick catnap and then hit the streets again looking
for her.”

Chapter 5: Back in Brooklyn, Izzy’s Found!

The gang arrives back at Olive’s apartment to find Izzy and her new friend Beatrice the corgi watching an episode of Dogs with Jobs on Netflix.


“Izzy!! We’ve been so worried about you. How did you get back inside the apartment?”


“Sorry, guys, but I made a new friend! To answer your question, Olive, I made keys one time when you were taking a shower. Oh yeah, and I can talk.”

Chapter 6: A Dinner Celebration!

It’s been a long day, but everyone’s back home safe and sound (PHEW!). They all sit down to enjoy the feast Yeti made and talk about the day’s adventures.


“Pass the ketchup, please!”

Chapter 7: Sweet Dreams, Olive

Max and Yeti are here for another week, and there’s still plenty more to see. Olive dreams of the tree at Rockefeller Center, soup dumplings in Chinatown and all the fun places they’ll go… Someone keep an eye on Izzy tomorrow!

Illustrations by Jordan Jenner.

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