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Holiday How-to: Festive-ize Your Closet

We’re always looking for ways to make our outfits next-level special this time of year, so we asked our women’s design team to show us a few DIY tricks. Go ahead and try them at home—they’re way less complicated than that fruitcake recipe you’ve been thinking about.

DIY: The Gold-splattered Chino

Supersimple and kid friendly—the
7-year-old daughter of one of our designers gave us creative direction for where to put the paint!

1. Grab a pair of chinos and lay it flat on top of a covered surface (or somewhere else you don’t mind dripping paint).

2. Splatter and brush the chinos with gold acrylic paint. For a more authentic look, think about where you might naturally get paint if you were actually painting (like where you wipe
your hands).

3. Let them air-dry for about 30 minutes.

DIY: The Embroidered Chambray Shirt

These stitches are inspired by “sashiko,” a Japanese mending technique that’s often used to patch up kimonos.
1. First, the elbow patch: With a pencil, trace an oval shape around the elbow of a chambray shirt. (The pencil will come off when you wash it, preferably by hand.)

2. Using a ruler, trace evenly spaced lines across your oval.

3. Go over the lines you created with a needle and thread, using a simple “in and out” stitch. Try to hold the fabric flat while you do this to keep it from bunching.

4. Now, the pocket: Use your pencil and ruler to create a grid of little X’s.

5. Stitch one X at a time. And remember, kind of like handwriting, everyone’s stitch will be a little different. Imperfection is part of what makes it look good!

DIY: The Bow-wrapped Shirt

This also works as a quick styling trick. Just put on the shirt and follow the instructions, skipping
step three.

1. Start with a collared shirt buttoned all the way up to the top.

2. Take a grosgrain ribbon (bonus points if you grab one off your present!) and wrap it underneath the collar so it hangs evenly on both sides.

3. Stitch the ribbon in place on the back of the shirt, underneath the collar.

4. Tie a bow in front, just like you would tie a shoe.

5. Trim the ends of the ribbon to the length you want
them, cutting at an angle (it looks better and helps
prevent fraying).

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