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My Double Life: Jose, Muralist

 Here at J.Crew, we work with some seriously creative, inspiring people—so it’s hardly surprising that they get up to some seriously creative, inspiring things outside the office too. In the first of our new series, we meet up with Jose, a production artist by day and a muralist by night. 

Jose color-corrects one of the posters that appeared in our takeover of the Times Square subway station. 

THE 9 TO 5
Doing production work at J.Crew HQ

“The production team makes sure the colors and quality you see in our images accurately reflect our products in real life. We check everything from matchbooks we give away at store parties to billboards of our ad campaigns. No detail is too small. You could say we do for design what a proofreader does
for copy.” 

Collaging at his studio and checking out ping-pong club SPiN 

Jose frequently uses J.Crew catalogs as part of his collages. 

“Making art reminds me to appreciate the little things… And coffee keeps me awake enough to see them.” 
Jose tests his ping-pong skills at SPiN.

“This mural took about nine hours from start to finish. I get very intimate with my work… Seeing it up close for hours means I fall in love with things that most people don’t see. The yellow and black letters are Webster Hall posters (a little nod to my fellow New Yorkers).” 

“I’ve been painting my whole life. My mother painted portraits when I was younger, and I loved the smell of paint and linseed oil, so I went to art school, where I created mostly canvas work. Mural work is an extension of that—something that lets you expand outside the confines of a frame.” 
Jose also painted this copper bathtub filled with ping-pong balls for SPiN. 

Special thanks to SPiN New York.

Photographs by Bryan Derballa.

Follow Jose on Instagram @jaurelionyc

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