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How I Got My UPS (Unique Personal Style):
Erik Rasmussen

 As editor in chief of the influential men’s magazine “At Large, Erik Rasmussen works closely with some of the world’s leading photographers, designers and fashion-world insiders. Here, the 38-year-old shares the style insights that helped him elevate his game from a teenage devotee of baggy
hip-hop gear to his current stylish self.

I grew up during the eighties and nineties on the blue-collar side of Huntington Station, Long Island. Hip-hop was on the rise, and I covered myself in Starter jackets, vast cargo pants, shapeless polo shirts… Everything I wore was XXL, swooshing as I walked and disguising my knobby-kneed awkwardness. It felt good to hide. Then I got serious about sports. I learned that I don’t have a body, a thing to be accessorized and elevated—I am a body, giving life and authority to the things I wear. Style begins with behavior, and it ends with appearance. So I began tailoring my wardrobe to fit my physique rather than my feelings. It works. Wearing clothes that are cut to accentuate (rather than expose) your build make a person feel better and more confident. 

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In New York the dress code can shift as quickly as the temperature. At lunch, you might be in a fancy restaurant near Central Park, then you take the 6 train back to your shared work space in Chinatown. The weather swings from bitter cold to overheated, and that’s just walking through the doors at the drugstore. The way I deal with these shifts is I pick a few things that look great together in any combination. You can’t go wrong with well-worn jeans and brogues as your baseline. Then add a high-quality T-shirt. It’s a soft buffer between your back and a wool sweater, the extra insulation beneath a white oxford, and a white T-shirt probably looks better on you by itself (or under a blazer) than anything else you own. 

Some people look great in neckties. But this isn’t the fifties. I don’t see the point of them. Whereas socks… Heaven forbid you’re invited to someone’s home and they ask you to take off your shoes, and you happen to be wearing dingy white gym socks. I can’t count the times I’ve worn a tailored flannel jacket and bench-made shoes, and someone made a point to notice my socks (and I buy J.Crew socks by the handful). Little things like socks, antique buttons or your watch strap are the nuances that turn an outfit into a more personal statement.

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 Photographs by Clément Pascal. 

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At Large magazine here

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