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#JCREWNYFW: What You’ll Be Wearing Next Fall

Our men’s designer Frank previews J.Crew’s NYFW ’17 lineup and the inspirations behind it—from camo to critters. 

The overriding idea for our latest Fashion Week collection was to put a contemporary twist on our heritage. Frank took some of our classics that date back to the '80s—like a rugby shirt and those woodland animals that pop up on ties and shirts that we call “critters”—and then combined them with some contemporary looks, like wide-leg pants, raw denim and technical athletic wear. It’s heritage rebooted. 

 Conceptualizing the Fashion Week looks is a months-long process, starting with Frank sketching ideas and concluding with weeks spent finalizing the looks at J.Crew headquarters. 

 When it came to styling this modern J.Crew guy, Frank looked back to his own roots as a New Wave art school kid in early ‘80s Holland. “The whole idea behind these looks is to capture that moment when a young man knows he’ll have to wear a suit some day, and he’s all right with that, but he’s going to play around with it first,” Frank said. “He might wear a tuxedo shirt, but he’ll leave the cuffs undone.” It was all about toying with (and redefining) menswear codes: mixing high and low, traditional and irreverent. As Frank summed up the collection: “Young or old, creative or buttoned down, everyone can express their personality through what they wear and how they make it their own.” 

“We often use real people instead of models in the catalog, so it seemed like a natural extension to use them in our shows as well, like we did last year. J.Crew has always been very inclusive. We wanted our guy to see himself in
these looks.” 

 Instead of collegiate American critters like anchors and whales, Frank took inspiration from the British countryside and featured hares, badgers, foxes and hunting scenes across the collection. 

 Several of the items in the show, like the above shirt-jacket, are printed in our own custom camo pattern. 

 “Critters have always been such a part of our heritage, but they were always on shorts and pants. With these new English critters, it felt like we were taking them to a new place. We use them almost like a logo—putting a slightly bigger, solo critter on a more sophisticated baseball cap made of wool or camel hair.” 

 “Dress codes are different now. You don’t need to work in a creative industry to dress creatively.” 

 Photographs by Kevin Tachman.

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