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 #JCREWNYFW: Tartan, Tulle, Stripes, Camo…

 Among other things. Our head women’s designer Somsack walks us through the inspiration behind our fall/winter 2017 NYFW collection. We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again—the magic is in the mix. 


 “A combination of old and new schools…old school, as in nods to classic Scottish symbols—tartans and plaids, kilts, the Queen’s holiday home, Balmoral Castle—and new school, as in vibrant colors, camouflage and
tulle-covered silhouettes.” 

 “We also wanted to bring back some of our heritage pieces and pair them with things that would make them feel fresh again—things like floaty tulle skirts and a little bit of sparkle.” 


"Last season we asked some friends to wear our collection and we loved how each person brought his and her own personal style to the pieces, so we decided to do the same for fall.” 

 “For FW17, you’ll see a new mix of friends from the office, around town, all around the country—ages 9 to 67. And each one still has their own individual style and beauty, which is something we really admire.” 

 Photographs by Kevin Tachman.

 Check out our Fall/Winter 2017 presentation playlist on Spotify here

You can shop from the show starting this fall… But if you want to get your #jcrewnyfw fix before then, the tulle skirt in cool mint (above right) is available here

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