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A pair of hand-painted chinos at our NYFW spring/summer
2017 presentation.

Behind the Design: The Limited-edition Paint-splattered Collection

We wanted to reimagine some of our classics for spring (like chinos, striped tees and jeans), so we asked artist and J.Crew set designer Tracy to bring her creative touch to a limited number of our signature pieces. Here, we visited Tracy in her Brooklyn studio—where she painted each piece of the collection by hand—to see what goes into making these wearable works of art. 


 “I started by layering the paint and building up the colors organically. There were some real ‘aha’ moments making this collection—I definitely want to bring some of these techniques back into my own paintings.” 


 “I stuck to a range of pastels and white. I wanted to capture the color of a summer night’s sky. And I finished each one with dabs of soft mint—my signature color.” 

 “At least half of my wardrobe is covered in paint. I love mixing my painting clothes in with my other clothes—it’s really become my style now.” 


 “I recently started working out of a new studio in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. I love the views of Manhattan, and the natural light in this space is fantastic.” 

 After painting hundreds of chinos, button-ups and bags, Tracy decided to call in some reinforcements—as in a bunch of students from Parsons School of Design in NYC, who brought their own creative touches to a collection of 2,000 chambray shirts. (That is the very definition of
small-batch goods, people.) 

Photographs by Bryan Derballa.

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