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Behind the Design: J.Crew Jewels

 We headed over to the “treasure chest”—what we call our head jewelry designer Meghan’s office—to talk about what’s shiny and new for
spring (literally). 

 “Spring is always about pressing the reset button for us. We try to keep the designs really crisp, airy and feminine. And, of course, it wouldn’t be spring without some floral pieces.” 

 “This season we focused on soft neutrals with bright citrus pops. We also played around with primary colors, like periwinkle blue paired with bright red. We were inspired by the colors of our women’s tops and shirts.” 
 “It always begins with a pile of Pantone (color) chips and loose crystals—half of my desk looks like a rainbow mosaic! I’ll make little clusters of colors, and certain pairings will just vibrate off one another. That’s when you know it’s a good combination.” 

 “We worked closely with our tops team to create striking silhouettes—especially for earrings—that could mix and match perfectly with different shirts.” 
 Photographs by Bryan Derballa. 

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