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How It’s Done: The Sailor Pant

 Even when you have legs for days—like our in-house marketing maven Jenny—finding the right pair of pants can be tricky. Here, Jenny shows us three ways she’s wearing her current favorite, our linen sailor pant, on dry land (around her neighborhood in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, to be precise). 


Heading to the J.Crew office from her apartment in Greenpoint 

“The vibe at the J.Crew office is very casual. Everyone wears what represents their own personal styles… So basically sneakers and stripes all the time.” 

 “I’m pretty tall (5'10"), so it’s hard to find pants that look good. The wide, cropped leg is really easy for me to wear, and the high waist
is superflattering.” 


Picking out plants at Homecoming for her apartment

“I love a good layered look, like a graphic tee with a button-up. I’d say my style is a mixture of Winona Ryder in Reality Bites and a prepubescent
Mick Jagger.” 

 “I love Greenpoint because it’s superquiet yet close enough to other cool neighborhoods. I bike everywhere (thanks for nothing, G train), and the neighborhood stores are ace.” 


Meeting friends for drinks at her local bar Ramona 

“I’m not a huge jewelry
person, but these earrings are
just so fun.” 

 “I go here all the time—they make the best cocktails. Hot tip: Get the S.M. Jenkins cocktail and head to the back booth.”
Special thanks to Homecoming and Ramona

Photographs by Meredith Jenks.
Hair and makeup by Souhi at Jed Root. 

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