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Stripes How-tos:
4 Ways to Personalize Your Striped Tee

 In honor of National Stripes Day (yep, we made up a holiday), we asked our women’s design team—hi, Aaron, Amy, Olympia and Erin!—to show us four ways to take our striped tees to the next level. So grab your hot glue gun and let’s go! Just kidding. Kind of. 

DIY: The Tie-dye Tee, by Aaron, Women’s Dresses and Tops Designer  

What you need: “Lots of newspaper, a plastic bin, rubber gloves and rubber bands (I also recommend doing this outdoors!).” 
1. Grab a striped shirt and twist it at the center. Keep rotating until it looks like a swirl (this is my favorite tie-dye method). 

  • 2. Place rubber bands around the shirt to secure it, then choose a dye color. I used Rit Dye in royal blue, but natural indigo dye is also a great choice. You can also use multiple colors—get wild! 

    3. Once the dye is mixed, either totally submerge your shirt in the dye bath for a few minutes or put dye into a squeeze bottle and apply. This is the fun part! Don’t forget to do both sides. 

    4. When you’re done, put the shirt in a ziplock bag for a few hours. 

    5. Remove it from the bag and unfold, then rinse it under water until the water runs clear. Launder according to the dye's instructions. 

    DIY: The Muscle Tee, by Amy, Women’s Jackets and Outerwear Designer  

    What you need: “Fabric scissors, a pencil and a steady hand!” 
    1. Lay your tee flat with the front facing up. With a pencil, mark about a half inch in from the top of the armhole, along the shoulder seam. 

    2. Mark about two inches down from the bottom of the armhole, along the side seam (feel free to go lower at your own risk of having less coverage). 

    3. Draw a straight line down from the shoulder and then into a curve to meet your mark at the side seam. Flip and do the same on the back. 

    4. Cut along your pencil line, making sure you’re only cutting one layer at a time. 

    5. Fold your tee in half and trace your armhole shapes on the front and back from your cut side and cut along your pencil line. You now have the basics. If you want to show more skin, feel free to cut away fabric as you wish! 

    DIY: The Embroidered Tee, by Olympia, Women’s
    Tees and Swim Designer  

    What you need: A pencil, a needle and thread and an embroidery hoop.”     
    Embroider your initials, something fun or, in this case,
    both—“OMG” are also our designer Olympia’s initials!

    Embroider your initials, something fun or, in this case,
    both—“OMG” are also our designer Olympia’s initials!

    1. Design your monogram! You can print it out from the computer or draw it by hand. 

    2. Decide where to place your monogram and pin it into place. Use a small embroidery hoop to hold the fabric taut while you work. (Tip: If you are working on a very stretchy knit, you may want to use a small piece of iron-on interfacing on the back side of the fabric to stabilize it. You can buy it online or at any craft store. Make sure to cut the interfacing down to the size of your monogram before ironing.) 

    3. Trace the monogram onto your shirt. If you’re working on a dark fabric, use a white chalk pencil. 

    4. Start stitching. DMC’s website has some great stitching techniques. I used the split stitch technique. 

    5. OMG! Your monogram is complete! Tie off your thread, remove the hoop and iron the area. 

    DIY: The Critter-patch Tee, by Erin, Women’s and crewcuts Graphics Designer

    What you need: “Critter patches, an
    iron and a piece of fabric for the
    pressing cloth.” 

    1. Pick your favorite patch or patches (think about the look you're going for: subtle, unexpected or all-out fun!). 

    2. Set your hand iron at the hottest temperature setting (do not use steam). 

    3. Lay your tee flat and place your patches wherever you want them, then place a pressing cloth (you can use a handkerchief, sheet or pillowcase) over the top. 

    4. Press the iron straight down for 30–45 seconds with as much constant pressure as possible. Turn the garment inside out, place the pressing cloth on this side and repeat. 

    5. Allow the patches to cool down and voilà! 

    P.S. Not feeling too crafty? Just come into our stores on 3.31.17, and we’ll do all this critter-patch work for you! Find your store here.

     Listen to our #nationalstripesday playlist on Spotify here.

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