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The second installment of our new series starring all our crewcuts mascots (plus some new friends!). ¡Vámonos! 

 Chapter 1: And They’re Off! 

 Olive, Max and Yeti are flying from their home base in NYC to Mexico City with Olive’s dachshund, Izzy, at the controls (yep, you read that right). Don’t worry though, she spent five hours and 43 dog minutes (equivalent to 40 human hours) getting her pawlet's license over the winter. 


 Max—who, like most 237-year-old monsters, is a closet folkie, sings, “I’m leeeeeeeaving on a jet plane! Don’t know when I’ll get to eat again!” 


“Max, you brought pickles, hot dogs and copious amounts of mustard. Plus, we’re almost halfway there. Yeti, can I borrow those earplugs, please?” 

 Chapter 2: Arriving in Mexico City 

 First, the group drops off their bags at their digs for the next few days—La Casa de las Enchiladas Fantásticas—where their hostess Veronica, Olive’s pen pal since 2009, welcomes them and shows the gang around. 


 “Hola, Olive and amigos! ¡Bienvenidos! Mi casa es su casa, but please don’t touch the kaleidoscopic amphibians…
They bite.” 


“Holaaaaaah to you! Do you have a spare pantry for my condeemints?” 


 “Of course, my furry little friend. I’ve also prepared chilaquiles verdes… Olive told me you are quite the…how-do-you-say-in-English…chowhound? Follow me and let’s get you guys fed! There’s so much to see and do in Mexico City!” 

 Chapter 3: In Frida Kahlo’s Garden 

 Next, it’s off to Olive’s number three spot on her bucket list—Frida Kahlo’s garden! Olive makes special flower crowns for everyone while Max gets inspired to paint his surroundings in watercolors (the gang is confused as to why he’s painted an Aztec ziggurat of hot dogs…). 


“Max, I’m not going to deny that there’s raw talent here, but are you seeing what I’m seeing?” 


 “I’m starving—can we gooooooooo before I bite someone?!” 

 Chapter 4: Out to a Fancy-schmancy Dinner 

 Olive, Yeti, Max and Izzy meet Veronica at El Restaurante Extravagante (the MOST exclusive restaurant in Mexico City, where they are greeted by the world-renowned, one-name lizard chef—RRRRRAUL). 


 “Welcome to my humble restaurante, my friends. May your appetites be as big as your lives are long. Come, come.” 

 The gang enjoys enchiladas made with wild foraged chiles, tacos al pastor, more chilaquiles and a bowl of guacamole that took 23 avocados to make. As much as Olive enjoys her meal, the sight of all the squished avocados strikes a chord in her. 


“Oh, poor avocados! I have known many in my life—so green, so delicious. Each one different. We’ve had so many good times, and now—how terrible—this is what their lives have come to! I must honor them with the glitteriest, awesome-est bag that ever was!” 

 Please forgive the shameless product placement that allows us art school dropouts to pay the rent… 

 Chapter 5: Raul’s Secret Is Revealed 

 As the meal winds down, Raul checks on the gang to make sure everything is to their liking, but something looks different… He looks different… He’s dressed as a luchador (aka a Mexican wrestler with colorful masks and high-flying maneuvers!). Max’s eyes get as big as that bowl of guacamole. 


“Max, I saw the lucha libre spark in you the moment I met you. You are meant to be in the ring. It is your calling! Join me as my guest of honor?” 


 “There’s no time like the president—let’s DO this! Besides, my grandpappy invented the sleeper hold, so I’m kind of an eggspurt in the art of wrestling.” 


“Tú must don the mask. Max, it is your destiny!” 


“I’m so proud of my best friend! My face hurts from smiling!” 

 Chapter 6: The Next Morning 

 Everyone wakes up groggy and hoarse, wondering if last night was even real or just a chilaquiles-fueled fever dream. Could it have been? 


“I had the kookiest dream. Guys, you just won’t believe! I was a luchador and you guys were cheering me on from the stands and I won. I WON!!!” 


 “Max, Raul just called and said to get your costume cleaned. He wants you to be his partner in the ring tomorrow. Oh yeah, last night definitely happened… Who wants coffee?” 


Illustrations by Jordan Jenner.

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