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#HOWILUDLOW: Make It Personal

To see how guys with different professions and personal styles make our Ludlow suits their own, we checked in with three men—a digital marketer, a restaurateur and a scientist—who work out of the shared workspace NeueHouse in NYC.

#1:The Digital Marketer
CHEO, partner and managing director at Leap Digital, a cutting-edge digital marketing agency.

His work: “Working in the tech
sphere, I need to move between
a lot of situations—creative
brainstorms, product testing,
client meetings… I like a look that’s
laid-back, yet stylish and cool.”

His suit: “This stretch suit feels
light and nimble but keeps its
shape and structure. I’m a big fan
of suits that fit well but still have a
bit of give in them.”

“My life is flexible and fast paced—I live between LA and NYC and I need a suit to match that pace.”

#2: The Investment Banker Turned Restaurateur
MARK, former investment banker
and owner of La Pecora Bianca, an Italian spot in Manhattan’s
NoMad neighborhood.

His work: “Every day, it’s back
and forth between my office at
NeueHouse, our first location of
La Pecora Bianca in NoMad and
our second location in Midtown—
currently a massive construction
site. Meetings run the gamut from
speaking to potential investors
and landlords, where suiting might
be called for, to wine and food
tastings with suppliers, where the
goal is just to make it out alive.”

His suit: “My restaurant is casual,
but I might wear a suit if I’m
there working the door. Definitely
different than my previous life as
a banker. I don’t always wear ties
anymore, but I like a skinny tie and a
tie clip.”

“I have always liked wide or peak lapels, so I’m all about the new wide-lapel Ludlow.”

#3: The Photographer/Scientist
PHIL, scientist, educator and
Nicaraguan coffee enthusiast.

His work: “I’m always editing
content from a recent expedition or
planning my next, so I can pretty
much work from anywhere. I return
from shoots with heaps of photo
and video files, so I spend most
days digging through them and
piecing together the story, whether
it be for a photo series publication,
a scientific article or a video.”

His suit: “Most people I work with
know me as a biologist and wildlife
photographer who spends a lot of
time in the rain forest. The Ludlow
makes me look like I can handle
the creative pace of the city with
confidence too.”
 Phil wears our Ludlow suit in Italian stretch chino, lightweight Italian cashmere crewneck sweater, slub cotton deck-striped T-shirt, Timex® for J.Crew Andros watch, triple-stripe socks and Nike® for J.Crew Killshot 2 sneakers. Shop all suits, sweaters, T-shirtsaccessories, socks and shoes.

“I have an odd rule for what I wear most days: If I can’t run in it, I feel a little trapped. A suit with sneakers and a T-shirt makes me feel dressed up enough to take on a New York City day, but confident that I could hop over a fence.”

Special thanks to NeueHouse.

Photographs by Thomas Neal.
Hair and grooming by Maria Seccia. 

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