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New denim tricks from Somsack and Halsey: how to do a step hem and DIY distressing on your jeans… Plus, a bag/scarf bonus round!

DIY:  The Step Hem 

 What you need: scissors, ruler, pen. 

1. Measure the back of the jean and mark where it clears the lowest part of your ankle.
2. Cut at that point. 

3. Measure an inch and a half from the hem on the front of both legs. 

4. Cut from the side seam up, over and back down. 

DIY:  Distressing 

What you need: masking tape, sandpaper, Dremel tool (you can buy this at any hardware store).
1. Put masking tape on the areas you want to distress.

2. Rub sandpaper over the larger areas, snip the knee with scissors, then go over the areas again with the sandpaper.

3. Start with your Dremel for additional distressing.

4. Throw them in the washer/dryer.


 Video by Sandra Winther. 
Photographs by Shana Trajanoska. 
Hair and makeup by Maria Seccia. 

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