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Make your own one-of-kind bouquet

1. Buy four types of flowers (trying to stick to similar shades): Face flowers, the big, bold focal points of your arrangement (that often look like that have faces); Filler flowers, the less dramatic supporting players; Texture, aka anything cloudy, seedy, prickly—you get the idea; and Leafy greens. 

2. At home, hold everything a fist’s length down the stem, and scrape off all the thorns and leaves below that (you don’t want any leaves in the water).
3. Hold a face flower vertically in a loose fist. Add one of your greens at a 45-degree angle and rotate the fistful a quarter turn clockwise. Add a filler flower at a 45-degree angle and rotate the fistful another quarter turn clockwise. Keep adding stems at an angle and rotating the growing bouquet until you’re left with a tight spiral. Leave out six to eight greens to add last, around the outside of the bouquet.

4. Using very sharp floral shears, cut a flat bottom to the stem—it should stand up on its own if the spiral is tight enough (it takes some practice). 

5. Put water and flower food in a vase, and add the bouquet.

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