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We asked members of our team about careers and clothes. Here’s their advice—from our workspace to yours.

Merchandising maestro

I was looking to do something that was creative and entrepreneurial. I had a friend who was working in merchandising at another fashion brand, and she introduced me to some of her coworkers at a party. One of them was a recruiter, and the rest is history!

WHAT’S A TYPICAL DAY IN YOUR JOB LIKE? My days as a merchant are super-eclectic. I spend the morning digging into business with the team—what’s working, what isn’t and what are we doing about it? The rest of the day is spent in fittings, design reviews, marketing strategy sessions and store walk-throughs.

WHAT’S SOMETHING YOU’D WEAR TO STAND OUT AT AN INTERVIEW? A colorful, printed silk scarf tied like a turtleneck.

E-commerce expert

WHAT’S A TYPICAL DAY IN YOUR JOB LIKE? My team and I focus on identifying opportunities to engage with our customers online in a more meaningful way. So a typical day is analyzing how customers shop with us, identifying ideas to enhance our digital experience and then the fun part—bringing those ideas
to life.

YOU SLEPT THROUGH YOUR ALARM CLOCK! WHAT’S YOUR NO-BRAINER WORK UNIFORM? When I’m running late, I gravitate toward one-piece outfits like a dress or a jumpsuit.

WHAT’S THE BEST CAREER ADVICE YOU’VE EVER BEEN GIVEN? Beyond anything, always act with integrity. Also, as a working mom, find ways to work smarter and keep the balance.

Men's design guru

HOW DID YOU GET STARTED IN YOUR CAREER? A college internship in men’s design set off my love for menswear.

WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE THING ABOUT WHAT YOU DO? Designing products for one of the best menswear companies on the market and, of course, working for our CEO Mickey (there is no one like him).

DESCRIBE YOUR WORK STYLE IN THREE WORDS. Classic, timeless and navy. I love breaking my navy pieces down until they’re superfaded and molded to my own character.

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