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Lots of people claim big-name actors and famous musicians as their style icons, but we’re partial to some guys a little closer to home. Here, a few of the men on the J.Crew team share what they learned about personal style from their dads (and one grandfather).

Dan Winkworth
J.Crew men’s designer

“My grandfather was a bricklayer, and was still working into his 70s. Most of the time, he was caked in dust and cement, with hands that felt like sandpaper. But twice a week, my father made time to take his ‘old man’ down to their ‘local.’ For this pilgrimage to the pub, my grandfather would scrub up and don a pressed shirt and smart—usually pleated—pants, his best, freshly polished shoes and his favorite (and only) dress watch. It was an event for him to socialize with the neighbors and share a beer with his son. For him, this was worth the effort.”

Dan’s grandparents, John and Mary Winkworth.

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Steve Jantz
J.Crew men’s shirts and Wallace & Barnes team

“My dad served in the army, so I was always trying to copy his style from photos I saw of him then—fatigues, olive green, plain, white tees. It still has a huge effect on my style today. Also, he was given army-issue longwings that he still wears, and my two brothers and I all wore them to our high
school proms.”

Steve’s father, Harry Jantz.

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Michael Mangan
J.Crew men’s team

“My dad showed me that good style shouldn’t be forced—it just happens. He’s a New England boy, and just gets classic American prep style. He always keeps it classic and polished.”

Michael’s father, Stephen Mangan.

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