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Introducing the Wallace & Barnes Moccasin

We rarely release shoes through our vintage-inspired Wallace & Barnes line, but we recently landed on the ideal candidate: the moccasin.

Our signature leather laces.

“More wear in every pair.”

Classic crepe soles—both durable and comfortable.

First created by Native American tribes, the moccasin’s combination of durability and comfort is perfect for our collection of rugged designs updated for today. Our version is crafted in premium leather with three eyelets or four (each version in its own unique colorway) and finished with a crepe sole, so it’s a mash-up of two super-comfortable favorites—the boat shoe on top and the desert boot below. Compared to the traditional leather bottoms, crepe soles don’t take any time to break in and are highly versatile: They’re built to handle rough terrain but also feel like slippers you’d wear around the house. So whether you prefer surf or turf, we’ve got you covered.
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Shop the men’s collection here.
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