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Behind the Design: The Unstructured Ludlow Tweed Blazer

When we set out to make the perfect tweed blazer, we traveled to the small town of Guiseley in England, where the renowned Abraham Moon mill has been producing fine textiles since 1837.

From Victorian suiting to uniforms for the First World War to the best of today, Abraham Moon has earned a reputation as one of the finest mills in the world.


The UK can be a rainy and cold place. So it makes sense that there are few things as quintessentially British as a good tweed jacket, thanks to tweed’s natural durability and moisture resistance. Back in the 19th century, towns like Guiseley (which is just outside of Leeds) had plenty of wool mills, but Abraham Moon is one of the few that have stuck around, thanks to its ability to move beyond the chunky, itchy wool of the past and craft a more refined, versatile option.

The mill’s historic samples inspire many of its current designs, and its labels are a sign of sturdy fabrics made in the British tradition.

Abraham Moon's administrative offices sit at the mill’s entrance.


The year Queen Victoria ascended to the British throne, a different kind of English royalty was born when Abraham Moon opened his mill. His family built a reputation on supplying wool to local families and businesses until 1920, when they sold the business to the Walsh family, who helped the mill keep pace with changing times over the years and still run it today.

Abraham Moon is a vertical mill, unique because it starts with raw wool and takes it through all the processes—dyeing, spinning, weaving—to produce the finished fabric that clients make into clothing, upholstery and accessories. The craftsmanship is handed down generation to generation, so it’s not uncommon to find fathers and mothers working alongside their sons and daughters at
the mill.

A look inside the Abraham Moon mill, where raw materials are dyed, spun and woven into finished fabrics.

A good tweed jacket is the kind of thing you can rely on every day, whether you wear it with chinos and dress shoes for work or dress it down with denim and some lived-in boots for a night out. That’s even more applicable when it’s cut in our famous Ludlow slim fit. Our unstructured Ludlow tweed blazer is crafted in a fine, light tweed, giving it a textured look without the usual scratchiness or heaviness. It mixes Old World character and charm with the practicality and comfort of modern American styling.

Abraham Moon’s newest designs reflect its 180-year history of quality and technical innovation.


Thanks to the lightweight tweed from Abraham Moon, our soft-shouldered, partially lined Ludlow is the most versatile blazer a guy can own for cooler temperatures.

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Photographs by Bryan Derballa.

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