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From Workout to Work

Being involved in a team sport as an adult takes time, NASA-worthy planning and discipline. For the guys of Saratoga Rowing Association, it also requires waking up at the crack of dawn to hit the water. We joined them for a typical morning—and had them try out our activewear and famous Ludlow Slim-fit suits.

“There’s nothing that can compete with the physical workout of rowing, but for me it’s a form of meditation as well. I wake before dawn, when the world is still silent and dark. Then the first rays of light break on the horizon, the fog begins to lift and the only sound is the blades lapping the water. It’s spiritual (and all before my first cup of coffee)!”
Marcus Fuller, writer, director, actor, oarsman

“Mornings can be cool, so you need something warm enough to get you into the boat and onto the water, where you’ll warm up quickly. Light, warm layers that have wicking and quick-dry abilities without hindering the range of motion are key. The New Balance X J.Crew activewear is amazing—rowing demands a lot from your clothing, and I was totally comfortable!”

After their morning practice, the guys head to the locker room and dress for their commutes. According to team member Ryan Allen, our Ludlow suits are both “very sharp and comfortable,” whether you’re off to Albany, Syracuse or New York City.

“In rowing, there’s a history of what we call ‘shirt races.’ They’re informal scrimmages where you race against other teams and instead of medals or trophies, the winners get the shirts off the other team’s backs. Some of the best clubs in the world—Yale, Princeton, Harvard—still do it. Yeah, those shirts are sweaty, but it’s a pride thing: When you walk into your own club wearing a different club’s uniform, everyone knows you won that race.”
Evan deJonghe, jeweler, oarsman

“The right suit puts you in the room. I have always believed a man’s suit should be worn with a casual elegance—it shouldn’t make the wearer feel stiff or trapped inside of it. If anything, it should let the wearer relax, confident that they look good so they can concentrate on the important things, like conversation
and cocktails!”

Special thanks to Saratoga Rowing Association and
the Brentwood Hotel.

Photographs by Matt Albiani.

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