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Behind the Design: Wool-Silk Scarves

On a recent trip to London, our head men’s designer, Frank Muytjens, found himself admiring a cache of elaborately printed vintage scarves. Instantly inspired, he returned to New York determined to recreate their traditional batik (a centuries-old dyeing technique) patterns for a new collection of stylish wool-silk scarves. 

Frank styles the J.Crew wool-silk scarf in wood-block print in his office.

Frank reviews a vintage scarf from China with a pattern in the traditional Miao style.

“We love finding these one-off vintage pieces because their unique patterns are something that you’re not going to see anywhere else.” 
“Since the design of the original vintage textile was so wonderfully intricate, we wanted to capture it as accurately as possible with our version.”  
A look from our fall/winter 2014 presentation.

“The scarves became a huge inspiration for the fall collection. They’re the perfect way to add some color and texture to a look.” 
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