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Behind the Design: The Limited-edition Paint-splattered Collection
We wanted to reimagine some of our classics for spring… So we asked artist and J.Crew set designer, Tracy, to bring her creative touch to a limited number of our chinos, stripe tees, jeans and more.

#WCW: Abbi Jacobson

Behind the Design: Michael De Feo for J.Crew
We don’t advocate breaking the law—but that’s kind of how our latest collaboration with street artist Michael De Feo (aka @theflowerguy) came about.

My Double Life: Jose, Muralist
Here at J.Crew, we work with some seriously creative, inspiring people—so it’s hardly surprising that they get up to some seriously creative, inspiring things outside the office too.

Locals Only: Quintus Kropholler, Amsterdam
While in Amsterdam to shoot this month’s Style Guide, we met Quintus Kropholler, a locally-based artist who elevates everyday objects through an unusual medium: asphalt.

Studio Tour: Rob Pruitt
After we spotted artist Rob Pruitt’s color gradients on instagram, we were dying to collaborate with him.

Locals Only: UK Edition

How to Do Anything Better: Valentine's Day
This year, we’re setting the bar higher—much higher—than an “I wuv you” teddy bear and a drugstore greeting card.

Studio Tour: Pierre Le-Tan
For the 11th year of Design Miami/ (like Art Basel but for the design world), our friend and renowned French illustrator Pierre Le-Tan created colorful sketches inspired by the goings-on of Miami Beach.

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