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How to Look Great in Double Denim
Wearing “double denim”—more than one article of clothing in this rough-hewn fabric—is the style equivalent of skiing a double black diamond. One wrong turn and the wearer can look like an undercover cop from a Seventies TV drama. So to make sure your look avoids that fate and delivers a double-shot of rugged cool, we asked Frank, our men’s designer, to reveal a few of his secrets for nailing double denim…

Your most pressing (denim-related) fashion emergencies, answered.

The New Rules of Sweats
Once reserved for lounging and laundry day, sweats are now indispensable to any guy’s easy-going work and weekend wardrobes.

The Greatest Hits: White Denim
The rule about white denim is...that there are no rules about white denim. Still, it can’t hurt to take some pointers from the people who really nailed it.

How It’s Done: White Jeans
For some new ideas on how to style the summer classic, we turned to Juliana Rudell Di Simone, who, along with her husband, owns the U.S. outpost of Tokyobike (the cult Japanese bicycle brand).

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