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In the Field: The Somelos Mill
Our unstructured Ludlow blazer is the work of artisans at the Portuguese mill Somelos.

TEST-DRIVE: Original Chippewa® for J.Crew
To prove that our new exclusive collaboration with Original Chippewa® is a boot that works equally well on your everyday commute or the road less traveled, we asked intrepid adventure photographer Forest Woodward and photo editor Jim Lind, to lace up our latest styles for a day that took them from the cobblestone streets of Brooklyn to camping under the stars at Harriman State Park in Sloatsburg, New York.

In the field: American Woolen Company
We went to the company’s headquarters in Stafford Springs, Connecticut to see how American Woolen Company embodies a distinctly domestic approach to fine suiting fabrics.

In the Field: Birdwell

In the Field: Baird McNutt
Founded over 100 years ago, this Irish mill makes the finest linen in the world (which is why we’ve been partnering with it since 1994).

In the Field: Gitman Vintage
Since 1932, the Gitman family name has been synonymous with some of the best American-made shirts.

In the Field: Chippewa

In the Field: Nihon Menpu denim mill

In the Field: Martin Greenfield

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