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The Greatest Hits: The Blazer
It doesn’t get much more timeless than a well-tailored blazer. Keep reading for more of our all-time favorite blazer moments...

The Greatest Hits: White Denim
The rule about white denim is...that there are no rules about white denim. Still, it can’t hurt to take some pointers from the people who really nailed it.

The Bikini Index
Proportions may change a little - but nothing makes us feel more summery than a bikini. A few of our favorites...

The Stripes Index
Here’s a highlight reel of a few of our favorite moments in stripes…

The Gingham Index
Something we’ve learned over the past 30-plus years? Gingham has no expiration date—it looks as crisp and cool today as it did when Brigitte Bardot wore it in the fifties.

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