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In honor of our new made-up holiday on 3.31.17, #nationalstripesday, we asked a few friends to get stripey with us…

In the Field: The Somelos Mill
Our unstructured Ludlow blazer is the work of artisans at the Portuguese mill Somelos.

Introducing the J.Crew x New Balance® Cortado
Cortado (noun), kor-ta-doe. A coffee drink, made from equal parts espresso and warm milk, that gets its name from the Spanish verb “cortar” (to cut), since the milk dilutes the espresso’s acidity.

How to Look Great in Double Denim
Wearing “double denim”—more than one article of clothing in this rough-hewn fabric—is the style equivalent of skiing a double black diamond. One wrong turn and the wearer can look like an undercover cop from a Seventies TV drama. So to make sure your look avoids that fate and delivers a double-shot of rugged cool, we asked Frank, our men’s designer, to reveal a few of his secrets for nailing double denim…

Behind the Design: Tollegno 1900
We’ve been working with Tollegno 1900, one of Italy’s oldest and finest mills, to source material for our Ludlow and Crosby suits and tuxedos.

Out of the Vault: the Nike® for J.Crew Killshot Sneaker
Like a pro athlete who keeps coming out of retirement (because he’s all about the fans), Nike’s Killshot is back

How I Got My UPS (Unique Personal Style): Eugene Tong
Long before Eugene Tong became a trusted confidante and stylist for designers including Public School, Billy Reid, and John Elliott, he was an aspiring sneaker head and mall habitué in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

#JCREWNYFW Diary: Dan, Singer-songwriter
Singer-songwriter Dan is used to being in front of crowds as a musician, but we asked him to come to New York from his home in Texas

#JCREWNYFW Diary: Daryl, Jack of Many Trades
Daryl is a jack of many trades—among them, he’s a Broadway actor and maître d’ at The Standard, where Jenna met him and picked him to be one of the models of our new collection.

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