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How It's Done: The Postcard-print Short

How It’s Done: The Sailor Pant
Even when you have legs for days—like our in-house marketing maven Jenny—finding the right pair of pants can be tricky. Here, Jenny shows us three ways she’s wearing her current favorite, our linen sailor pant

How I Got My UPS (Unique Personal Style): Eugene Tong
Long before Eugene Tong became a trusted confidante and stylist for designers including Public School, Billy Reid, and John Elliott, he was an aspiring sneaker head and mall habitué in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

#JCREWNYFW Diary: Jenni, Writer

#JCREWNYFW Diary: Dan, Singer-songwriter
Singer-songwriter Dan is used to being in front of crowds as a musician, but we asked him to come to New York from his home in Texas

#JCREWNYFW Diary: Alice, Photographer
We followed our friend Alice—a photographer whose travel pics give us major FOMO and one of the people featured in our fall/winter 2017 presentation—the day before the show.

#JCREWNYFW Diary: Daryl, Jack of Many Trades
Daryl is a jack of many trades—among them, he’s a Broadway actor and maître d’ at The Standard, where Jenna met him and picked him to be one of the models of our new collection.

Behind the Design: The Limited-edition Paint-splattered Collection
We wanted to reimagine some of our classics for spring… So we asked artist and J.Crew set designer, Tracy, to bring her creative touch to a limited number of our chinos, stripe tees, jeans and more.

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