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Locals Only: Porto, Portugal

Four of our friends give us a peek at what’s inside their J.Crew bags.

How It’s Done: The Drake's Giraffe Print Skirt
We asked our friend Marlien—founder of one of our favorite fashion sites, LE CATCH—to show us three ways and three places she's wearing our giraffe print skirt around her L.A. neighborhood.

How It’s Done: The Penny Windowpane Top
We asked our friend Coco—a British-born, NYC-based writer, who’s currently at work on her first novel—to show us how she’s wearing our Penny top around her West Village neighborhood.

How I Got My UPS (Unique Personal Style): Erik Rasmussen
As editor in chief of the influential men’s magazine “At Large,” Erik Rasmussen works closely with some of the world’s leading photographers, designers and fashion-world insiders.

The New Rules of Sweats
Once reserved for lounging and laundry day, sweats are now indispensable to any guy’s easy-going work and weekend wardrobes.

How It’s Done: Navy Workout Leggings
We asked our friend, holistic nutritionist and lifestyle guide Daphne Javitch, to show us three ways—and three places—she’s wearing our navy New Balance for J.Crew leggings.

How to Escape Winter (Really, Really Well) With @lucylaucht
We asked Lucy Laucht to share some of her packing essentials and favorite spots to escape the winter blaahs.

Our women’s stylists tackle your most pressing style emergencies, like how to take your 9-to-5-appropriate work outfit to holiday-party dance-off territory with just a few tweaks, plus how to tie our signature half-bow.

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