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Studio Tour: Jess Brown, Dollmaker
Jess Brown started creating her one-of-a-kind rag dolls with her own children in mind. “I wanted to give them something totally hand made with a bit of sophistication and style”. 15 years later she’s gained a cult following, creating up to 100 dolls a week.

Studio Tour: Rob Pruitt
After we spotted artist Rob Pruitt’s color gradients on instagram, we were dying to collaborate with him.

Studio Tour: Pierre Le-Tan
For the 11th year of Design Miami/ (like Art Basel but for the design world), our friend and renowned French illustrator Pierre Le-Tan created colorful sketches inspired by the goings-on of Miami Beach.

Studio Tour: Mary Matson

Studio Tour: W. Britt®

Studio Tour: Newbark®

Studio Tour: Saint James®

Studio Tour: John Derian®

Studio Tour: Donald Robertson™

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