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How to upgrade your beach game

THE ONE-PIECE over the years...

Studio Tour: Rob Pruitt
After we spotted artist Rob Pruitt’s color gradients on instagram, we were dying to collaborate with him.

The Bikini Index
Proportions may change a little - but nothing makes us feel more summery than a bikini. A few of our favorites...

Meet…Pati de St Barth
We caught up with Laura Tolede and Amira Amro, the creative duo behind the dreamy tee and swim line (named after Laura’s aunt, Pati, who founded the brand in 1989) to talk about its iconic logo and peruse some vintage photos.

In the Field: Birdwell

Designed in LA: Marysia Swim
The designer of Marysia’s signature scalloped suits invited us into her LA home and studio, where she opened up about her cult swimwear line, her favorite local spots and her first meeting with Jenna.

Summer Packing List: Montauk, New York

Summer Packing List: Positano, Italy

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